PARALLEL Interior Design Consultants

Parallel’s studio is located around a peaceful patio in a Parisian courtyard. It is here that the team members exchange ideas and inspirations, savoir-faire and techniques, creating a bold dynamic which enables them to tackle even the most demanding projects.

Fifteen years ago, Sylvia Laquerbe and Jean Lou Morey developed their very own concept with a whole new take on interior design that has inspired Parallel ever since.

Our services 

We provide a complete range of interior design services, from the initial sketches and drawings with proposed colour schemes, materials, fixtures and fittings … right up to the finalized plans.  If required by the client, we are also able to recommend builders and decorators, put the contract out to tender and project manage the works.


Sylvia, Jean Lou, Béatrice, Blandine, Jennifer, Paméla, …


It’s all about relationships

At Parallel, people are centric to everything we do. So, when you first step into our offices, it is just the first step in a long-lasting relationship. We will listen to each other and exchange ideas in order to develop the project together in a climate of total confidence since you are sure that we will respect our commitments. This special relationship we have with our clients throughout the project is essential. Just as it is with everybody else involved in the design (engineers, draughtsmen, environmental experts…) and execution of the project (builders, suppliers, craftsmen …).

For us, feeling is essential : it is only by talking to our clients that we come to understand them ; we combine their desires and their needs, bringing them to life. When we work on an interior, we first look at its environment, we find out all about it and the people who are going to occupy it. This is essential to give each space its own individual soul, personality and atmosphere. It makes each project unique.

It all starts with a simple pencil sketch

We create interiors where people have a sense of belonging, where they can be themselves. Each area has its own specific purpose : living, creativity, discovery, concentration, meeting and exchanging with others, fun …which is why we attach so much importance to aesthetics.

Taking the very essence of things into consideration, our approach to space enables the natural beauty of light and materials to be showcased in a very simple manner. We consider that it is just as important to leave space empty as furnishing it. This means that we respect and enhance interiors in such a way that they reflect the true values and culture of our clients. We have a totally authentic conception of interior design and, whatever we do, will always start with a simple pencil sketch.

Flexibility, reactivity, creativity

The size of our consultancy means that we still have a human touch, enabling us to deploy exactly the same energy and creativity for all our assignments, no matter how big or small, whether they be for major corporations or small companies, for public bodies or individuals.

We not only cultivate but also celebrate diversity. We are not afraid to tear down walls if necessary or to create doors leading to new areas. We are permanently seeking new sources of information and inspiration and never hesitate to call upon complementary and innovative experts (landscapers, space planners, lighting and sound engineers … ) in order to provide our clients with the most original and ground-breaking solutions.

Our flexibility and reactivity enable us to overcome financial, technical and design constraints in order to offer the fairest proposal. We also have the necessary direction and sense of detail and quality which make all the difference when undertaking each project.

Sylvia Laquerbe et Jean Lou Morey